Pingdom is a performance and website service that aims to make websites faster and more reliable. They have a wide range of online tools for any types of website, regardless of who you are or how big your website is.

Speed test your website with Pingdom

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Making your website faster can have great impact on your website. A website that is faster not only gives a better experience for your visitors, which increases engagement; but it also improves your SEO rankings.

In some cases, the reason is obvious — you are using a low quality web hosting service. But sometimes the problem is more complex, like your images are not fully optimized or you have got a plugin that slows down your whole site. It can also be some third-party code snippet that is causing the slowdown.

Pingdom’s website speed test tool is an easy to use service that will identify site speed problems for you in seconds. Simply enter the URL of your website and click “Test now”. You will get a report divided into several sections, which include a performance grade, page analysis and a waterfall analysis. These reports will help you identify the most essential causes of your site’s slowdown and Pingdom will also provide solutions how to fix them.

Pingdom Speed Test Report

The service is totally free and it checks all pages on your website and loads all elements — images, stylesheets, external codes; and display how much time each element takes to load. This is a great resource when trying to determine what exactly is causing your website being slow. Once you get a clearer picture of what the problem is, you can address the it and get the site running as fast as possible.

How fast is your website?

This site took 2.44 seconds to load last time I checked.

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