Here are some of my favorite tools when it comes to collecting visitor data and analytics.

Google Analytics


With Google Analytics you can see what your visitors are doing on your website and provides reports on traffic sources, content, engagement, as well as ecommerce sales. It is simply the most commonly used web analytics tool on the Internet and it will be a great asset for your web presence when identifying the most profitable marketing channels.

Price: Free



CrazyEgg allows you to see a wide array of tools, but my favorite one is the heat map. Using the heat map you will be able to see where visitors click and scroll on your site. This is a great insight when identifying weak points, especially when you are in a process of optimizing your website for conversions.

Price: Free 30 day trial



Clicktale Analytics is much like CrazyEgg. You can sign up for a free account that tracks up to 5000 recordings per month. The tool tracks user behavior again using a heat map. If you do not like CrazyEgg’s interface or pricing plans, you might take a look at Clicktale Analytics!

Price: Free up to 5,000 visitors



Mixpanel is an excellent tool for you who wants to see complex analytics reports in a interface for both mobile and web. While the standard tools measure sessions and pageviews, Mixpanel analyzes actions visitors of your website take. Such action can be uploading a document, watching a video, or sharing an article. Mixpanel lets you get a better understanding for how your visitors interact on any of your sites and how they navigate through it.

Price: Free for up to 25,000 data points



KISSmetrics is an analytics platform that helps its users understand, identify and improve the key parameters that drive their web presence. It is a suitable platform for obtaining the information you need in order to make a better product and adopt correct marketing decisions. Both installation and reporting is very straightforward.

Price: $179 / month (Starter pack)

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